My name is Paq. I am French, with an accent you've never heard before, you won't be disappointed. I am also a photographer. And I truly love my job.

Let's make it clear from the beginning, I am not into cheesy or posed photography at all. I don't want you to pretend you are someone else, I don't want you to feel awkward taking weird poses, I don't want you to look at your pics and don't recognize yourself. 

I want you to have fun during your photo session, I want you to forget I'm there to take pictures, I want you to have the biggest smile when looking at the photos I will send you. I want to prove you are wrong when you tell me at the beginning of the session "I hate cameras, I am always ugly on pictures, good luck".

I try to put as much life, energy and emotion as I can in my pictures. I don't want you to just look at my pictures, I want you to feel them. To smile, to laugh, to meditate, to travel back in time.

My best rewards are your happiness, joy and gratitude when discovering your pics. Your amazing and genuine Thank You messages. Makes me happy to make you happy.




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